Who we are

Creators of experiences.

Fusion is a consulting and creative agency specializing in unconventional media, events, space design and entertainment.

We arouse emotions creating users experiences through both offline and online activities using interactive multimedia technology.

Our vision

We bridge the gap between the digital and physical world. Consumers or users no longer differentiate between digital media online or offline. They simply relate to other users or brands and don’t care about the channel or media.

Our creative solutions for brands and entertainment are different and attractive contents that have impact on today’s consumers, that engage them and ensure their loyalty. We integrate contents into their lives, but without interrupting them. A consumer is an active client, looking for fun and new experiences.

Our mission

We help innovative companies to evaluate and exploit the possibilities that technological advancements offer to their brands.

We combine ideas to create new media and new forms of communication, design and entertainment through a fusion of disciplines: design, motion graphics, 3D, illustration, programming, social media or interactive multimedia technology, among others.