Promoting Events through Social Media

Image source: Scalable Social Media

With more than a million events happening all around the world, the event marketing can be expensive and difficult to do. You will have many competitors in this field because individuals are always looking for the best techniques on how to get people to attend these events. This can be even more of a struggle when it involves B2B events as people might have to take some time of their daily work and it involves travel expenses.

Just because this can be a bit of a struggle, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend huge amounts of dollars on marketing. Social media is an excellent way for you to advertise your events and it can cost you little to no cost at all!





  1. Target Influencers –The best way to promote your events is through other people (or like we would say, word of mouth), as it is free and it will also get the word out to many people. Let someone else create a social media post on your behalf or better yet retweet all your updates. Take some time to build trustworthy relationships with these people and really engage with them. This technique will work best when these influencers are within your local city or industry.
  2. Allow a Sneak Peak – Do a Twitter Chat Session with different presenters or main speakers prior to your event. This way people will have an idea as to what they can expect at your event.
  3. Design a Video – A video is a perfect way to display past events and this way people will also be able to know what they can expect. If this event is new, you might want to get a few different speakers to speak at the event and what will be expected. If you are working on a low budget, you can make use of Vine video, or if you are the one who is setting up the event, you can make a behind the scene video. The possibilities are endless with this one!
  4. Have a Contest – This is a fabulous method to get people involved and encourage them to socially post your event and be active on your page. Rafflechopper is a very inexpensive software and it will work well for those that have a low budget, or better yet manage the content on your own to save even more on cost.
  5. Get Main Speakers to Socially Post – if you had spent a few dollars on hiring a local speaker or even a celebrity for your event, ensure that you have included a clause within their contract that they are required to socially post about your event. There will be many times that you will find that these people will have social media accounts that will be beneficial to you.
  6. Design a Hashtag for your Event – For those individuals that will be attending your event its best to promote a particular hashtag for it. This will then allow for others to find your social post more easily and this will bring more curiosity to others online about your event.
  7. Post Often and wherever you can – It is crucial that you post on every social media platform. From Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and LinkedIn and more.
  8. Post Images from Past Events – If you have previously hosted a similar event, post as many images of all the happy faces that have attended. If this is a new event, hire a local photographer to take a few pictures, if this is not in your budget you can always take the pictures yourself and save on cost!
  9. Use Foursquare – You can find foursquare on your smartphone. This is how it works. Foursquare is a location based social network that allows users to check in at any given venue from the list of venues that the app provides. Often time’s people will use Foursquare to see what friends are doing and they will view trending places. This is an excellent technique to brand your real time event.
  10. Freebies are always welcome - Give away free tickets in your contest or better yet set up a block of tickets that can be handed out to all social media fans. By giving away a freebie it will make a great buzz online for your event.
  11. Create Interesting Content – If you are working with other people on your event, get them to create content that are related to your event and then you can add it to your website. This is an amazing strategy to get more people to visit your website and get educated on your event.
  12. Host The Previous Year’s Presentations – If you have hosted an event the previous year, socially post PowerPoint presentations. You can post videos from the event and host it on YouTube.
  13. Tell a Friend Feature – If you are selling your event on the social media platform, ensure that you have a “tell a friend” feature that appears once they have completed the signup process. Many people are feeling excited once they have gotten a ticket to an event so this make the ideal time to get them to promote it to their friends on the social media platforms.
  14. Create an Event Page – Facebook has the ultimate event page system. Make sure that you too create one to share with all fans and friends.

Marketing an event can be quite time consuming, but when done in the correct way it can bring hundreds of people to your event for little to no cost. You can also make use of your email list to let previous attendees know about upcoming events. If it is within your budget, run a social media campaign to target your audience on Twitter and Facebook. This is a great start in the right direction!