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We have talked occasionally on this blog about the Post-Advertising Age and Inbound Marketing Age. The brand is no longer the one who goes to the consumer, but it’s the latter who looks for the content he wants to consume. The brands in the XXI Century must be the content that the consumer is looking for, converting social and digital in the quintessential media giving consumers full control.

In these past posts we also talked about how some brands and media resist this. Therefore, during this transit from Outbound to Inbound Marketing, strongly emerges Native Advertising. This is due to the need for the media to find ways of monetizing the current situation of free fall of the ads. Native Advertising, therefore, aims to enhance the user experience through relevant content that some brands offer.

For example, social networks have been running Native Advertising through cases such as:

-       Sponsored stories on Facebook

-       Featured videos on Youtube

-       Promoted tweets on Twitter

These ads appear as part of the search experience of the user with the exception of Youtube hated Pre-Roll ads that are totally intrusive.

Do you think this will be a fad in the transition from slow demise of traditional advertising or endure over time?

At Fusion we think it’s a mere fad that will end up dying.

Content Marketing will continue with more and more power. Brand Storytelling will show that quality content is powerful for the public. People, formerly known as mere consumers, pay attention to valuable content rewarding brands or authors sharing this content with friends and not friends on social networks. This social sharing increases the impact and reach while reducing costs and increasing efficiency exponentially.

Brands should tell stories that create good enough experiences achieving to be part of their interests coming to them and seeing them as someone they can trust and advise on the matter. Brands must therefore adapt once and for all to: “The Brand Experience Age”





Meanwhile the advertising industry, even some brands, resist change keeping in the last century. They don’t want to see that the best way to reach people with success is telling stories attracting the target audience without the help of: magazines, TV, newspapers or online media.

In fact, it’s clear that news and content are things that not only media agencies can create. Nothing will stop brands in the creation of genuine and quality content.

Clearly with the constant invention of new technologies journalism will come from different sources and not just media agencies. For the latter, it’s difficult to assimilate. Understand it or not, brands are beginning to create content, online and offline, and all kinds of shows to reach the audience they are looking for.

What sense does the future of television and radio as we know it today make, with ads that disrupt the content the viewer wants to see? None! They must reinvent their ways to monetize the content they offer.

They have a difficult task, because clearly it’s something they don’t understand and don’t want to understand. But sanity or disaster will rectify them.