Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Marketing is a combination of social media, SEO and high quality engaging content.

Rick Ramos Consulting is a boutique US based inbound marketing agency. They are a strategic partner for Fusion and have delivered outstanding results for our clients.

Here is How it Works Inbound Marketing

Social Media Growth

Brand space

Permanently or as a Road Show, we design spaces that creates an emotional bond with the brand and an unique experience.

From a solid concept, with brand values that want to communicate, we develop the necessary environment to generate that vital brand experience that is remembered, discussed and finally consolidated by the purchase decision.

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a set of strategies and marketing techniques, implemented in an unconventional way and by the ingenuity and creativity, achieve their objective without advertising investment.


We design, plan and implement in detail all kind of events, product launches, openings, premieres, parades, booths, etc.


Scenic decorations with new media technologies and all sorts of bodily materials and lighting.

The staging can be both film or all types of live performances: theater, dance, exhibitions, etc.

Trend reports

We do generic or trend reports tailored to the needs of each brand.

Developing applications for digital media

We create, design and program blogs, social networking applications, mobile devices applications and so on.