Cold Calling

About a decade back, when the Internet technology had not evolved, I started my working career with selling latest graphics equipments to print shops, and my job profile included a lot of cold calling. Cold calling was then the most convenient, most economical and fastest method to reach out to the target audience. Although I was not so fond of my job, it was very effective. So, let me share with you what I learnt back then.

Social media posting is today’s new cold call





It is true, cold calling in today’s world is social media.  It is the new and most effective form of communication available today. Besides, it is an incoming as well as outgoing forum to boost your sales without actually having to call every potential customer. However, the question arises whether it has some disadvantages compared to the telephone. The truth is that this mode of communication is foolproof and effective, and with the right use, you will be enabled to reach out to a greater number of targeted audiences in a matter of just few days as compared to cold calling. Let us try and analyze the upside of social media marketing.

  1. Social Proof – with time, you can have a lot of followers on your social media forum and if you have high quality and impactful content, people will actually read your content, and will give you higher credibility than if they just heard you on the telephone. A new prospect can always see how many other people are following you and will instantly know your credibility and popularity in the market. Further, they will know how you take care of consumer problems and how your after sales services are. They will know what your followers think of you and your services, and what they like or dislike about you. In this way, in just a few minutes, they will get the overall idea about you through your social media profile.
  2. Warm Contacts – Cold calling, as the name suggests, is not very warm towards your prospects. It is strictly professional or business related, and it does not give a sense of care towards your consumers. People are not thrilled when they called on the telephone and are disturbed at a time when they really are caught up with something else. On the contrary, social media is a place where people are looking to get to know you and communicate. Moreover, it is a perfect time to reach out to your prospects because you won’t be interrupting them, as they are usually surfing through the internet because they have a little free time in the day.
  3. Clarity – on a social networking site like twitter, the message you can put on your profile is limited because you only have 140 characters; so people will actually want to read what you post because it is concise. People may not be clearly able to express their discomfort of concern on the phone, as they would be able to put across through the internet. Although in this case, the downside is that you only have limited characters to put across your message, however the advantages overshadow this limitation.
  4. Getting New Prospects with Zero Effort – One of the biggest advantages of social media is that everyday a lot of people, who may not even be your target audiences, will come across your profile and read it and they might become your new customers, without any additional efforts put in by you. So, you have new customers, without having to interact with them on a personal level. On the contrary, in cold calling, you spend several minutes on a single customer without being able to reach out to others; hence your network is limited.
  5. Social Attachment – On social networking sites, people are looking to increase their network, meet new people and communicate with others. So basically, people active on social networking sites are open to communication and are excited to speak to others. It will be terrible if you are on a social networking site and having no one to communicate with. So, if your content has impact, and it is true and effective, you can create an attachment with your prospects.

Hence, social media unlike cold calling is a warm method to reach out to your prospects and creating a bond with them. If you have a strong and genuine voice, people will hear you out and believe in you.  Your zeal and belief in your services will be expressed through your content, and this is what will attract your customers.