It can be quite disappointing when you tweet something and you don’t get any response at all. Besides, you may have spent a good amount of time crafting that perfect tweet, but all your efforts went into vain with zero results. However, the good news is that below we have listed some of the most effective and proven tricks that can help you gain maximum retweets:







  1. Using Hashtags: This is one of the simplest methods to get guaranteed 50% increase in retweets. However, don’t overdo it by including four to five hashtags to gain more response. It’s better if you use one to two hashtags which are related to your content.
  2. Using Trending Topic Hashtags: I always make it a point to look for trending topics that are related to my niche. If these topics are related to the topic I am going to tweet about, I try to use that particular hashtag in my tweet.
  3. Using Photo: There’s no doubt that a picture can attract more viewers. By adding a photo in a tweet you can increase your chances of getting retweets. However, only use the native Twitter photo hosting, as anything other than that will affect your overall performance.
  4. Request Reweets: Asking other members for retweets will definitely help you out. However, make sure not to ask for rewteets every time you post, as it will annoy other users and will do more harm than good. Only do it when you have something really very important to share with the community.
  5. Timing your Tweets: Each and every individual has different target audience. In my case, I use Tweroid, a social media tool which determines the ideal time for each person to tweet.
  6. Keep it Brief: It’s a fact that shorter tweets get more retweets. Hence, make sure to keep it brief and simple.
  7. Reposting your Tweets: Today, Twitter has become a storehouse of information and latest news. Most individuals come to twitter to find the latest news, gossips and events. Some just log in to their twitter account for 2-3 minutes few times in a day and may not notice your earlier tweets. You can repost your tweets to gain the attention of such individuals. But, don’t overdo it, as it will simply annoy your audience.
  8. Retweeting Others: If you retweet the tweets from other members, there are high chances that they will do the same for you. Find out the key influencers in your niche and retweet their content. Soon you will see that they will appreciate your action and will in return retweet your tweets too.
  9. Don’t promote too much: Promoting your brand or company again & again is always a bad idea, as people will start ignoring you. However, promoting something after every 4th or 5th tweet is acceptable.
  10. Tweeting fun or inspiring quotes: Most of the members join twitter for the sole purpose of entertainment only. So adding fun or inspirational quotes can help you gain attention of such users and they would like to associate with you.